Service & Rule

  • Service
「Baggage Check(Free)」You can check your baggage before check-in or after check- out.

(* Please ask us in advance if you'd like check your baggage during off-front desk hours.)
「Valuables Check(Free)」There's a small locker(passcode lock) for valuables at the front desk.

(*However, please keep your valuables with you anytime at our house.
Please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss of
your valuables at our guesthouse.
「Washing Machine(Pay)」one time 400yen (coming with detergent)。

(*This washing machine has a dry function though, if your clothes is heavy(jackets, jeans etc.),
it can not be fully dried. )
「Tea(Free)」Free tea is ready at kitchen.

(*Please note that this tea is Not for take out.)
「Toiletries」Please have your own toiletries such as towel, bath towel, toothbrush and sleep clothes.
We don't serve them.

we can lend towels as below.

a small towel (50 yen)
a bath towel (100 yen)

(* Shampoo・Conditioner・Body Soap and hair dryer are prepared.)
「Earplug(Pay)」We have some earplugs(Pay).

a pair of earplugs (200 yen)
「Parking Space」We don't have any parking space,
but there is a pay parking space (only one minute walk away from our house).
  • Rule

(*Please contact us in advance if your check-in time is after PM10:00.)

(*Please「give us back your room keys the day before your check-out day」
if you're staying at rooms[2A, 2B and 2C] and plan to check out before AM8:00 in the morning
since 「the front desk hours in the morning is between AM8:00 and AM10:00」
「Front Desk Hours」「AM8:00〜AM10:00」

(* You can't stay at our house between AM10:00 and PM4:00 since the time is for cleaning.
「Cancel Policy」「2 Weeks before〜Booked day」
[Cancel charge : 100% of the room fee]

「No show」
[Cancel charge : 100% of the room fee]
「Smoking」「All our rooms are Non-smoking」

(*Please refrain from smoking even in front of our house
since our house is located in the preserved district.
Thank you for your understanding.

There is a smoking space in front of the nearest convenience store
(2 minutes walk away from our house).
「Eating and Drinking」Please note that 「Eating and Drinking」are only at 「Lounge & Kitchen」.

Please refrain from them at your rooms.
Thank you for your understanding.
「Lights-Out Time」「No lights-out time」
「Curfew Time」「No curfew time」

(*We lock the front door at PM11:00 though, you can open it by passcode even after PM11:00.

However, please care about other guests and our neighbors if you stay out late.
「Bed making」「Bed making is self service」
(* Bed linen is new and ready)

Please note that when you stay more than one night in a row,
we don't provide services of changing your bed linen and cleaning your room.

However, if you need to change your bed linen or clean your room, please ask us about it.
「How to pay」「Cash only」
「Small children」Children must be older than 13 years old to stay at our house
since rooms and facility are shared with other guests.

Thank you for your understanding.